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Aaaaaand now I’m baking a chocolate cake.

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Glossy asked a good question.

re: self-consciousness at the gym.

I guess I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I’m self-conscious about how I look. I don’t care that people say it’s dumb to dress up for the gym- some days I need to have my hair cute and I need to wear my nicest gym stuff because I feel gross. So on days when I need the extra boost, I get cute. On other days I just dgaf and I roll in with my ripped up t-shirt and raggedy yoga pants. It just depends. I’m most self-conscious about my arms and my thighs, so sometimes I keep them covered. Other days I can’t be bothered. I just do whatever I need to do to get myself there, because I know I’ll feel better afterward.

The thing I’m usually more self-conscious about though is my abilities. I can’t go that fast and sometimes I have to slow down because of tachycardia. My bad days are really random, like sometimes it’s just too hot so I get tachycardia and light-headed when I’m barely even power-walking. Other days, like today, for whatever reason I was able to throw down and it was awesome. Either way I feel like people are looking at me and judging how I’m working out, and I have to remind myself that that’s really unlikely. I mean, if I’m this self-conscious then surely most of them are too. We are all probably thinking about ourselves the whole time. Or fantasizing about fighting in the zombie apocalypse or making out with hot people, which is basically where my mind usually goes when I’m bored (and I’m always bored at the gym.)

My doctor told me to think of working out as my prescription, because I really have to do it every day in order to train my heart to beat correctly. So I’ve taken that and run with it (pun intended, even though I can’t really run.) I’m doing this for ME, I don’t CARE what anyone else thinks. This is my medicine and I’m doing it so that I don’t have to take tons of actual medicine later on. This is to love my body and treat it right. So I put on really good music and I ignore everyone else.

P.S. Some days when I think I look my absolute worst and I’m pouring sweat I will totally catch someone checking me out, and it’s awesome.



Pro tip: NEVER tag anything on Instagram with “adult.”

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It was way too hot to work out but I did it anyway. #adult

It was way too hot to work out but I did it anyway. #adult




this is important please spread

Absolutely nobody should be surprised at this point that the cops in Ferguson are blatantly lying about pretty much everything.

Let’s just assume that whatever the police in Ferguson are saying, the opposite is true.  It will save a lot of time.

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Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

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