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The album is coming. This song. Oh I have SUCH high hopes!

I was at this concert and I can confirm that this song and the other one off the new album blew everyone away.

I CAN’T WAIT to get it in my hot little hands.

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A terrorist is called that only because he does not have the power of the State behind him – indeed, he has no State, which is why he is a terrorist. The State, at bottom, and when the chips are down, rules by means of a terror made legal.

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"Teenage girls are a powerhouse. They grow up to be women who shake the earth. Aren’t you feeling the earth quiver under your feet?"


-Tamora Pierce (tamorapierce in this post)

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Sometimes someone is just so wrong about something that there aren’t enough words in the English language to correct them.

I literally want to set fire to Facebook. It’s a fucking cesspool.

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Recently I’ve been doing this thing where I ask people I like, whom I’ve maybe met only a few times or seen at larger gatherings, to hang out with me. It’s weird. It’s like asking someone out on a friend date. It makes me feel a little self-conscious and awkward but so far it’s worked out pretty well. And I mean, who has time to be awkward and self-conscious when there are cool people to hang out with? It’s hard making new friends as a grownup! It’s not like you can say “hey, see you in math class.” All you can do is email someone “hey, I think you’re cool, wanna grab a coffee?” And hope they don’t think you’re a weirdo.

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This is the lemon cupcake recipe I used and this is the hibiscus frosting. I can vouch that both recipes are super delicious. The frosting came together beautifully. It’s not runny at all, but it’s not super stiff. You couldn’t pipe it into shapes but I prefer it the way it is- just plopped on the cupcakes with a tablespoon. 

I made 24 and was going to send them all into work with Ryan, but I am rethinking that now…

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I was feeling adventurous! Lemon cupcakes with hibiscus tea buttercream. They are ridiculously good.

I was feeling adventurous! Lemon cupcakes with hibiscus tea buttercream. They are ridiculously good.

The literal best ever.

The literal best ever.

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