One Bite at a Time

I'm Kate. I used to not eat. I had Anorexia Nervosa and got very sick and hated my life. A few years ago I began a recovery process, which I believe is a lifelong deal. I'm still in the process of healing my mind, body, and spirit, and there are a lot of things that help me do this. Here is a short list!
-Buddhist Mindfulness practice, meditation, Radical Acceptance, praying, the Psalms
-Food. Lots of it. Mostly only the delicious kind.
-Exercise. Lots of it. Mostly only the fun kind. A jezziefriend called it Slayer Training, which I joyfully stole. If you don't know what this means, don't worry. If you do, I love you.
-Therapy (still. I think it might never end.)
-Having good friends and family, both IRL and on the wonderwebs (*trademark, my brother.)
-12 Step recovery principles (but I am not a Big Book Thumper, so please don't be afraid.)

This will be a place for me to dump copious amounts of recipes (the good and the bad), talk about spirituality and what I learn in my weekly sitting group, repost inspiring and awesome quotes and stories, and share ridiculous and/or obscene pictures, gifs, and assorted other whatnots. That's how I roll. I hope you will enjoy.

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I literally yelled “GET OFF ME!” as I flung my bra off just now. 

This day, you guys, seriously.

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